The battle of Chausa

Short note on battle of chausa

During the battle of Chausa (June 26, 1539) Humayun's absence from Agra (February 1535 to February 1537), Sher Khan further strengthened his position.  Now he was the undisputed lord of Bihar.  Although he pretended to be loyal to the Mughals, he was actually planning their expulsion from India in a systematic manner.  He had raised a huge and efficient army, which included 1200 elephants. 

Humayun battle of chausa

A few days after Humayun returned to Agra, he defeated the ruler of Bengal on the strength of this army and collected 13,00,000 dinars (gold coins) in damages from him.  Humayun marched against Sher Khan and in 1537 AD.  In the last days of Chunar besieged. 

Who saved humayun in battle of chausa

The Afghans bravely defended the fort.  It took Humayun six months to capture him even after many efforts of artillery Rumi Khan.  Meanwhile, Sher Khan had captured the strong fort of Rohtas by deceit.  After that he invaded Bengal for the second time and captured its capital Gaur.  Thus Sher Khan defeated Humayun. 

Second battle of chausa

After conquering Gaur, Sher Khan sent a proposal to Humayun that, if he allowed Bengal to remain in his possession, he would hand over Bihar to him and also pay an annual tax of one million dinars. 

Humayun rejected Sher Khan's offer and decided to invade Bengal.  Humayun brought his army to Chausa near Buxar.  In the guise of Sher Khan's offer of peace, Humayun crossed the Karmanasa river and came to its eastern bank. 

Between whom was the battle of chausa fought

Humayun jumped into the river Ganges with his horse and came out safely with the help of a Bhishti.  In return for this favor, Humayun declared Bhishti as the king of one day.

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